It’s a superficial massage affecting the skin and the hypodermic tissues, which stimulates the lymph flow and improves the cellular waste removal from the body. Lymphatic massage helps to reduse oedema (swelling), improves blood circulation and metabolism.

It is very effective method of restoration and prevention of different kinds of diseases, returns energy and forces to the tired muscles and increases their working capacity. Strengthens sheaves and joints, allows liquidating pains and hypostases.
Classical massage, 45 min 28
Classical massage, 1 h 32
Classical massage, 75 min 36
Classical massage, 1,5 h 40
It is one of the ancient Tibetan massages and is based on the bioenergy. Honey is used as the adhesive to remove “contaminated” energy from the body. The energy channels are cleaned and the energy is flowing freely again within those channels. The massage is also good for the blood circulation in the lower layers of the skin and in the muscles. Honey is like an adhesive for the toxins, which combines with them and helps to eliminate them from the body. The massage is very good for the aging skin and for the skin, which has lost its elasticity and is loose. It tonicizes and is firmly stretching for the skin.
Honey massage is recommended for them who have muscle tension, colds, emotional stress, cellulite and problems with joints. This massage is not recommended for people allergic to honey.
Honey massage, 30 min 28
Honey massage, 45 min 32
Honey massage, 1 h 35
This type of massage is stronger than the classical massage and is preferably for the persons who are doing sports. The purpose is to improve the blood circulation of the musculature and the elasticity of the connective tissue. The massage helps to prevent sport injuries.
Sports massage, 30 min 28
Sports massage, 1 h 35
Sports massage, 75 min 40
Sports massage, 1,5 h 44
Classic relaxing massage for all body, 1 h
Anti-stress-relax massage (back, neck, shoulders), 30 min 25
Thanks to aroma massage you will give yourself peace of mind; get rid of negative emotions such as fear, sadness, and anger, loosen the symptoms caused by stress and improve your health and mood.
Aroma massage, 1 h 35
Aroma massage, 1,5 h 43
Anticellulite manual massage is considered to be one of the very effective types of massage, it is completely safe. It normalizes metabolism and promotes weight loss, and also stimulates the development of `youth proteins`, collagen and elastin. Effect on the absorption of the subcutaneous fat layer. For best results it is necessary to receive continuous treatment. It is also suitable for preventing the evolving of fat tissue.
Anticellulite massage, 1 h 35
Anticellulite massage, 1,5 h 45
The distinctive feature of cup massage is the vacuum created with the help of cups. The vacuum improves the circulation of fluids and relieves muscle tension. Cup massage trims the skin, cleanses pores, reduces cellulites and provides help with joint problems. The massage is not suitable in the case of open wounds, eczema, metabolic disorders, kidney diseases, varicose veins, cardiovascular diseases, high blood pressure and during menstruation.
Cup massage, 1 h 35
Lymphatic massage, 1 h 35
Back massage, 30 min 27
Back massage, 1 t 35
This foot massage helps to restore the functioning of internal organs and reduce pain in the joints and back, because there are many points on the feet, associated with the various organs of the body and spine.
Reflexology (foot massage), 30 min 25
This massage is helpful for aging skin, facial muscles slack, and dehydrated skin, if there are little scars or wrinkles, helps to relieve swelling. Improves oxygenation of tissues with oxygen, increasing their power.
Face massage 20 min + 10 min mask 30
This is a simple, pleasant and very efficient procedure. Relaxation, a direct impact on the functioning of the brain, improving the condition of the hair and scalp, getting rid of insomnia and headache, can help relieve daily stress and contribute to a deep and peaceful sleep.
Head massage, 30 min 22
Baby massage, 30 min 22