Cosmetician, lashes, brows, waxing

Sonic face cleansing 45
Mechanical face cleansing 45
Express face cleansing, 30 min 30
Intensive renewing and whitening facial treatment with C-vitamin from Mediderma (with fruit acids) 43
Intensive nourishing treatment for dry skin with micro hyaluronic acid from Thalion 40
Refreshing face treatment 40
Rejuvenating face treatment 50
Around-the-eye-care 30
Special intensive facial treatment for men 39
Décolletage cleansing 25
Back cleansing 40
Firming and tightening skincare for breasts and neck 39
Darsonval treatment (15 min) 8
Treatment of hair loss, stimulation of hair growth by Darsonval (15 min) 15
Classical eyelash extensions attachment, 2-2,5h 35
Classical eyelash extensions intermediate maintenance (up to 2 weeks after the attachment) 20
Classical eyelash extensions maintenance (up to 3 weeks after the attachment) 25
Volume eyelash extensions, 2.5-3h 45
Maintenance of volume eyelash extensions 35
Classical+volume mix eyelash extensions, 2.5-3h 40
Classical+volume mix eyelash extensions maintenance 30
Eyelash extensions removal 15
Attachment of Swarovski crystals onto lashes, 1 pc 2
Permanent dyeing of lashes 7
Permanent dyeing of brows 7
Brow plucking/modelling 7
Brow’s waxing 7
Permanent dyeing of lashes and brows + modelling 17
Permanent dyeing+styling of eyebrows with Brow Henna (bio-tattoo) 16
Permanent curling of lashes – lash lift (lasts up to two months) 30
Lash lamination (lasts up to two months) 30
Lash lamination + Botox (lasts up to two months) 35
Legs, full length 30
Shins 16
Thighs 16
The bikini line 21
Brazilian bikini 30
Arm, full length 20
Arms until the elbow 15
Armpits 14
Lip area 7
Chin 7
Cheeks 7
Brows’ waxing 7
Armpits 16
Back 26
Shins 22
Thighs 24
Legs, full length 42
Color print for body (temporary “tattoo”) 5