Body treatment


Detox-program 3 in 1 , 2 h 70
Slimming pearl body scrub, 30 min 25
“Tired legs”, 50 min 30

 Detox-program 3 in 1  – 3-phase body care (wrap+scrub+massage), which removes toxins from the body, cleans and tightens the skin, burns fats, activates blood circulation. You get good health and a charge of vivacity for the whole day. Herbal tea is served after the procedure.

 “Tired legs”   –   Relaxing and restoring procedure for tired legs. After the bath with aromatic oil you get a relax-massage with a scrub that smoothes and nourishes the skin, and a gel, which gives vitality. After such care your legs don’t hurt and don’t get tired for a whole month.